Improving people’s lives through cannabis

PharmaCann — founded in 2014.

One of the country’s largest vertically integrated cannabis companies, providing safe, reliable, top-quality cannabis products to improve people’s lives. By investing in people, practices, and infrastructure, we are shaping a new, vital, wellness-focused industry. Our goal is to increase sustainable access to cannabis by offering effective, affordable and trusted products and services.

We are licensed in six states to grow, process and/or dispense medical cannabis products for adult and pediatric patients, as well as for responsible adult use. We are expanding rapidly as we continue to earn new state licenses and gain recognition as a trusted resource in this evolving space.

Our dispensaries operate under the brand Verilife and are designed to help people feel better and get more enjoyment out of life by becoming comfortable with the safe, informed use of quality cannabis.

We invest in best practices at every turn to ensure people have access to the most effective options for feeling and living better. We are constantly researching and developing new forms and formulations of cannabinoid-based treatments to improve people’s well-being.

PharmaCann’s mission is to lead the cannabis industry with respect to the quality of its employees, facilities, products and research and development efforts to discover the true scientific benefits of cannabis.

PharmaCann’s vision is to improve the quality of life for people through discovery, production and responsible dispensing of cannabis-related products. PharmaCann seeks to lead in the science-based understanding of the full impact of cannabis for the healthcare and wellness industries.

Our Mission.
Our Culture.

Trusted. Professional. Expert.

We are devoted to helping people live their best lives. With a wide range of backgrounds in areas such as business, law, finance, accounting, horticulture, engineering, research, healthcare and retail, our team is well-suited to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving industry. With our blue-chip leadership and talented team members, PharmaCann has become known as a national thought leader and respected research partner in the cannabis industry.



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